Towable Welfare Unit Hire

The ever popular choice for construction sites - ideal for a break space and general wellbeing.

During a long day’s work, it’s important to think about the general welfare of your employees. They will always need a break whether it be for lunch or a quick toilet stop. To combine all of those together, our welfare units are the ideal problem solver.

The mobile unit is large enough to fit up to 7 men but remains lightweight and is easily transferred from site to site as well as being able to move around the site it’s located at.

It has multiple uses and features a toilet facility of up to 225 litres and 25 litres of drinking water. Along with that, the storage options are incredible with 320 litres worth of mounted wall storage, 222 litres under one bench seat and 96 under another making it perfect for workers and guests to store all their belongings.

We understand that security is crucial too so a high security door is located further to the side of the unit for trustworthy use.

The unit features everything you would need to save you sitting on an uncomfortable floor or carrying your bags around all day with you. Providing space for your employees to enjoy a break will probably improve the work too!