Five Bay Urinal Unit Hire

The easiest solution to avoid queues for the men is the popular 5 bay urinal unit.

It may be that your occasion is going to see a large volume of men and you don’t want the cubicle toilets to be held up creating mass queues. For situations like that, a convenient solution is essential:

Our 5 bay urinal units are lightweight plastic making them easy to clean. That being said they remain tough and stable giving them reliability despite the mass amount of footfall that is bound to come through them. The unit is extremely spacious, but also has the element of privacy for the occupants.

Offering enough room for 5 users at a time, both ends of the unit are open which allows for optimal traffic flow and ventilation throughout the unit – this means less queuing. Located inside are anti-bacterial hand sanitising stations to allow more space than what a sink can provide and translucent roofs allow for natural light to pour in.

Each urinal is self-contained with regards to water and drainage meaning no overflow and minimal mess whilst in use.