Frequently Asked Questions

After a decade providing toilet hire in Norfolk, Here are some of the questions we are often asked. Anything else, please get in touch - it's what we're here for.


  • How many toilets will I need for 100 people?

    Please provide text for this question.

  • Are there lights in the toilets?

    Our trailer toilets all feature lights. The four person trailer toilet is lit internally and externally. Our luxury toilets, as you'd expect, feature lights in all the cubicles and over the mirrors.
    Our standard toilets do not have lights, but the roof canopy is opaque, allowing natural daylight inside.
    For advice or information about toilet lighting, just get in touch with us.

  • Does the trailer toilets need to be connected to power?

    Trailer toilets require power - we can arrange a generator if you don't have easy access. Power requirements are a 13amp, 220 volt supply.
    Our welfare units for constructions sites come with a built-in diesel generator, making them completely self-contained.

  • Do the doors on all the toilets lock?

    Of course - privacy is paramount! All our toilet cubicles, toilet trailers and shower units feature lockable doors with an "engaged" indicator on the outside.

  • Which portable toilets are wheelchair accessible?

    We have wheelchair accessible single standard toilets. These are larger than our single standard toilets and have no lip on the threshold, making it easy to get into.
    Inside you will find a grab bar, and a fully-operating washbasin next to the toilet.