Four Bay Hand Wash Station Hire

Our most popular way to keep your guests hands clean throughout your event.

It is always important practice to wash your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with food, dirt or animals to prevent the spreading of nasty bacteria. This could be something that has been easily forgotten about whilst planning. If you are hosting any kind of event, you will want hand washing to be an easy, quick thing for guests, not a difficult task.

Our four bay hand washing facility is an ideal way to keep hands clean and fresh in a way that anti-bacterial gels or sprays just won’t do. Although sturdy the units are still lightweight making them extremely simple to move around in remote locations as well as being fast to clean to minimise mess.

The four-unit system is equipped with an individual, hands free foot pump, soap and towel dispensers. Each unit holds around 76 litres of water which equates to 1,280 washes so decide wisely on how many you think you’ll need.

The units can be operated by all ages and sit nicely in small spaces so they are discreet and doesn’t take away anything else from the event.