Hot shot shower unit hire

For all round cleanliness whatever the occasion - the stand alone shower units are the only choice.

Depending on the event you’re hosting, the next day could mean that a shower is required. We always want your guests to feel clean and comfortable when using our facilities and our shower system is no different.

The Hot Shot Shower Unit slots easily into your event and hooks up to a regular 13A 240V power supply so there’s no need for extra electricals. The 2.4 litre capacity unit maintains a standard warm running temperature and has a simple garden hose connection at the rear of the unit.

Ensuring privacy is of the highest importance, the unit comes with a shower curtain and a secure locked door as standard. An added feature is a clothing bag to keep all personal belongings safe whilst using the shower.

With an installed light, grate floor and 2 inch draining port, this unit has all you need for a pleasant showering experience.