Four +1 Luxury Toilet Hire

You don't need to be flush to enjoy our luxury toilet trailers. Perfect for weddings and events, these are a stylish addition that will keep your guests comfortable and happy!

Our luxury toilet trailers are a self-contained water-closet wonder. Arriving on a complete trailer platform, we’ll deliver a complete bathroom solution to your wedding, event or party.

With four cubicles for women and one for men, as well as three urinals and washbasins for both, these toilets are fully self-contained without the need for water or sewerage.

Inside you’ll find a high-quality finish throughout, with fittings that wouldn’t look out of place in any hotel. We include soap pumps, hand towel dispensers and toilet rolls. In fact, everything your guests will need to keep the comfortable!

Large, full-sized mirrors are perfect for checking your hair and makeup during a toilet break and full LED lighting keeps things bright and beautifully illuminated.